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Build apps, workflows or backend services in minutes.

An example NodeScript graph showing ChatGPT interpreting the purpose of NodeScript itself.

Build > Deploy > Repeat

Node-based visual programming. Build scalable applications directly in your browser. Use them immediately with an endpoint.

Click me to play the graph
Click the Play button in the Output node, then watch it compute. The answers will appear in JSON format above it and here.

Have a play with this live NodeScript workflow which scrapes a website and asks it a question through a ChatGPT integration.

Click the Play button in the Output node, then watch it compute. The answers are in JSON format above the Output. You can change the url and question Inputs to try it out on any website.

Simplify complex software development

Connect any app, integrate APIs, create workflows and execute through an end-point

For Developers:


Publish your workflow as an endpoint and make it instantly available for other applications over the web.


Manage APIs, monitor servers and automate DevOps tasks.


Rapid prototyping and instant debugging that lets you view each intermediary step as you build.

Screenshot of the NodeScript example, Alerts for your HackerNews topics

Real code,

Screen capture showing connected NodeScript nodes.

Helicopter view,
in a pinch.

Zooming NodeScript.

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Multiple users in NodeScript.

Collaborate and build workflows

  • Build, share and collaborate on workflows together in real time
  • Quickly prototype, test and deploy features collaboratively with your team.
  • Rapidly test, analyse and deploy applications with your team.

Connect anything with an API

Speed Check

NodeScript delivers super-speed advantages. There's no barrier or project setup and your code is deployed with one click.

It's being used by UBIO to power content for Google, Trivago and KIWI and has already saved thousands of developer-hours. We expect it to do the same for you!

Screen capture of a simple NodeScript graph.

How it works

1. Instant start

Choose a template or start with a blank canvas.

Nodescript UI, showing the Create New Graph widget.
Nodescript UI, showing two nodes getting connected.

2. Connect your nodes

Join up your data, with new or pre-built nodes, no code needed.

3. Run it!

Run your workflow at any point, see what's working and what's not. Adjust, go again. Call your new endpoint.

Nodescript UI, showing the Publish widget.

NodeScript Docs

NodeScript's visual node-based automation platform helps you build scalable applications directly in your browser. Whether it's to explore and integrate different APIs, or build a library of snippets that you can run directly in your browser and share with friends, NodeScript let's you do it without limitation.